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Manitowoc Wisconsin



Updated 03/16/14


  • Welcome to the  Local Lodge 516 Website
  •  Local 516 will have its next meeting on Thursday April 10th at 7:00pm. There will not be a Stewards Meeting. All members are welcome to attend the Regular Meeting.
  • IAMAW Local Lodge 516

    4310 Conroe Street

    Manitowoc, WI 54220






    In accordance with the IAMAW Constitution, Local Lodge 516 will be holding elections for the IAM Grand Lodge Executive Council.


    Elections will be held for the IAM Grand Lodge Executive Council at the regular business meeting during the month of April.


    ·        The candidate receiving the highest number of votes for each office shall be declared elected.

    ·        Grand Lodge Executive Council elections will take place at your  regular meeting during the month of April at Amvets Post 99 4310 Conroe Street in Manitowoc. Polls will be open from 11:00AM to 7:00PM.  

    ·        In accordance with the IAM Constitution, any member entitled to receive an absentee ballot shall make written request to the Recording Secretary of Local Lodge 516. Directions for absentee ballot requests shall be mailed to all members.


    To qualify for an absentee ballot:


    o   I reside more than 25 miles from the designated Local Lodge polling location.

    o   I am confined due to a verified illness.

    o   I will be on vacation (active employees only).

    o   I will be on employer assignment/shift.

    o   I will be on family leave.

    o   I will be on official IAM business.

    o   I will be on military leave.

  • The Candidates for the Grand Lodge Election Are:                                          

International President

Jay Cronk                                        Local Lodge 1112

R. Thomas Buffenbarger (inc.)    Local Lodge 912

General Secretary-Treasurer

Robert Roach, Jr. (inc.)               Local Lodge 1445

Dale Cancienne                            Local Lodge 1905

General Vice President

Lynn D, Tucker, Jr. (inc.)             Local Lodge 2312

Karen Asuncion                           Local Lodge 1759

Robert Martinez, Jr.  (inc.)        Local Lodge 776A

Jason Redrup                              Local Lodge 751A

Philip J. Gruber   (inc.)               Local Lodge 688

Tim O’Brien                                 Local Lodge 851

Gary R. Allen  (inc.)                    Local Lodge 794

Sito Pantoja   (inc.)                     Local Lodge 949

Mark Blondin  (inc.)                   Local Lodge 751C

Dora Cervantes (inc.)                 Local Lodge 2198

Patrick E. Maloney                     Local Lodge 63

Sande Lien                                  Local Lodge 2202

Diane Babineaux  (inc.)             Grand Lodge


  • Our monthly Union Meeting is  held the second Thursday of the month. 
  • The Executive Board of Local 516  invite all members of the "Clipper City Lodge 516"  to our regular meetings and check out "What's Happening" in our Local. We need to hear your voice to respond to your needs!!!!


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